Prose for thought #Prose4T – Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain

Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain
9th January 2001
Sitting on my own
Thoughts rolling through my mind
Looking for a peace
That I never seem to find
I wish I was a wave
That was crashing on the beach
I wish I was the light 
That is just beyond my reach
I wish I could give but never take
I wish I could sleep and never wake
I close my eyes but I can still see
I can’t shut off that part of me
I go to bed and try to sleep
Why does this knife cut so deep
There’s an empty space inside my soul
a part of me that’s never been whole
I feel my life is wasting away
And its such a struggle to get through the day
There’s a part of me that wants to grow
I’ve tried so hard not to let it show
But now I find I can’t contain
Too Little Sunshine, so much rain. 
Prose for Thought

15 Thoughts on “Prose for thought #Prose4T – Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain

  1. AMAZING, that is such a well written, amazing poem that I’m sure so many people can relate to.
    I think you should put all your poems together and publish them on amazon x

  2. Fantastic! i love this one 🙂 xx

  3. What beautiful words, put together so well. You write beautiful poetry. Thank you so much for linking up xx

  4. I can relate to your words and often miss the sunshine in my life. A touching poem.

  5. Beautiful Poem, heartfelt and touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing x

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