That’s just the way it is

Half an hour to go until home time. Actually 20 minutes. Just enough time for me to whip this post off.

A colleague just said to me, when I commented that our boss had left the office at 3 today presumably to go work from home the rest of the afternoon. She said “that’s just the way it is unfortunately, you either accept it or leave – that is the standard line here”. What she was referring to is that its not acceptable for us (a) in this department and (b) as contractors, to work from home or to have flexible working hours. Now, I am not saying that employers ALWAYS have to bend over backwards to make it easier for their employees but according to quite high up management people I have spoken to, the business tries to support employees – particularly women, particularly women with children to a) get back to work and b) once there maintain a manageable work/life balance. However, as I have found out here and in the past is that it doesn’t matter what the company line is, the decision basically comes down to your boss. And if, like me, you have a boss who is female and did everything the hard way and thinks you should just suck it up (that’s the impression I get anyway), then you aren’t going to get any flexibility.

I am trying to think positive. Not dwell on it, but I can’t help thinking about the unfairness of it all. Surely, as a boss, it is better that your employees feel like they are valued. Surely when the work CAN be done from home occasionally it should be encouraged. Especially when many other people in the business do it. It just makes me frustrated. I have never been very good with people telling me what to do. Especially when it doesn’t make sense to me.

I will give you a for instance. My husband works from home full time. No-one thinks that just cos he’s at home he is going to be sat in his boxers, watching TV, only occasionally checking his emails. How about a bit of trust. If you find that we are less productive when at home, then discuss this and take it further from there. Why is it one rule for one, another rule for another?

Right now, apart from the work that I’m doing for a lady who I’ve been assigned to (because I like her and she actually involves me in meetings and stuff), I feel unmotivated. I don’t feel like bothering to rush into work to get in early. Every time I see my boss I think quite uncharitable thoughts. I won’t say what they are but suffice to say I don’t really like her (I have the feeling that its mutual!). And I leave on the dot of 5 every day even if I was late in. If she brings this up I’ll try to pull up my socks but I feel like why should I make an effort for you. You couldn’t give a crap about my feelings, my life.

Oh well, I have decided to tackle my weight and I’m also being signed up for a Prince 2 course this weekend so its onwards and upwards. I’ll start looking for something new too.

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