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Baker Days cake review

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Baker Days and asked if I wanted to do a review of their cakes – which was very exciting for me as I’ve not been asked to do any reviews before, and while its not something I want to do a lot of (finding the time would Read More →

Day out with kids and dogs

We’re just back from a nice walk with the dogs. I say nice. What I actually mean is that on the way to Devil’s punchbowl there was a lot of shouting – Ben shouting at the dogs to stop jumping up and trying to get out of the boot, the kids shouting at the dogs Read More →

Had a strange dream last night

Had a dream last night. It was a really odd one and thought I’d type it up before it slips out of my mind. Basically, I was involved with the police in some way and we (me, husband, and some friends too – can’t remember who) were at a house and we thought that this Read More →

Bad mood head

Been in a really bad mood this morning. Not really sure why. It was my turn to get up with the kids (we have a 4 day weekend due to Easter so decided that Ben would have Friday and Sunday to lie in and I would have Saturday and Monday). For some reason I’m not Read More →


When will I be less tired? When will Joshua stop waking us all up several times per night When will I have the energy, and therefore the motivation to lose weight When will the dog stop stealing food When will I be on top of the housework When will I feel like I can be Read More →

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