One down, one to go

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Had my hair cut today. I’m quite pleased with it. Actually, rewind. Will start at the beginning. Last night had a nice evening with yummy food (Ben went to get a £10 meal deal thing from Tescos). Had some wine too. Then I went to bed and hubby stayed up to do some work. This morning I had a bit of a lie in – 10.30am. Wakeup call was Lala jumping on the bed. Then Ben went back to bed for a bit as he was working until about 3am. Then I sent the kids up to wake him up (payback for letting Lala wake me up) so he could take them out shopping. It ended up that we both had to leave at the same time, as I had to get to the hairdresser’s for 1.45pm.

What do you think? I am liking the highlights. I got out of there just before 5pm and had a quick look in a bra shop (little boutique type place) up the road before heading back to my car (not before getting measured (38E… E??? How the F*** did that happen?) and buying a red bra. They didn’t have any black ones reduced and the only other choice was a white one. I already have a white one. OK, its not a great fit (the one I have already) but I chose red as it can go underneath pretty much anything. It looks a bit more boulder holdery than my usual bras but as most of the bras I have at the moment aren’t comfortable or don’t fit properly (actually both), then in my book its a good bye. I am in so much need of new clothes but at least now I have a decent bra that I can wear underneath things. I can also buy more online if I can afford it as I know my size.

So I came home and chilled with the kiddies for a bit and then Ben and Joshua took Tia (our big doggy) round to my friend Emma’s who is going to be looking after her for the 2 weeks that Ben is away). I am so pleased that she’s doing me this favour. It means so much and is just one burden (sorry to call you a burden Tia) off my shoulders for the 2 weeks. The little dog Toby is going to my parents tomorrow.

I feel part way to getting “there” wherever there is. One dog down, one to go. Then husband off to airport first thing tomorrow, followed by rugby tots with help of Grandpa. Then back home to sort out house with help of another lovely friend and her lovely daughters. Once house sorted, hopefully, round to drop little dog off at my parents. Maybe dinner with them. Have asked if they want to feed us!

Just spoke to my parents and it is confirmed. We are going round there for dinner (well, for the kids dinner).

Kids are in bed now. We’re on the sofa watching telly. And tapping on our laptops. Happy days.

2 Thoughts on “One down, one to go

  1. Pretty hair! Red bras are the way forward, secretly saucy! You’ll be flashing your straps before you know it 😉

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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