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No 4 day week

My request for a 4 day week was turned down. Don’t have much to say at the moment other than that I cannot continue like this. I will either be trying to find another job – either part time or just more locally and getting on with my prince 2 training.

Old poetry – part 1

I have been tidying my office a bit in the last few days and this evening, my eyes were drawn to my book of poetry that I wrote when i was in my early 20’s (nearly 15 years ago – god, I feel old now). I thought it might be interesting to publish them here Read More →

Things could be looking up

Things might be looking up. I felt so depressed this morning sending Lala off when she was clearly feeling poorly and wanting to stay home with mummy. She’s only 2 and I feel awful not being able to spend time with her. I’ve been THIS close to quitting…. Talk of the devil. Lala just woke Read More →

Career confusion / Head in the Clouds

source I’m a bit bored again at work. I have plenty to be done (well, a bit, not exactly plenty) but I am waiting on stuff before I can get on with it. I find that very irritating. Its left me with too much time on my hands to think about things. I’m thinking about Read More →

I won something/got published!!!

Woooohooooo. I never win anything EVER. Anyway, I have now. I won a competition to write a post/article about The most important thing about parenting…. and get published in Here is the link to that page. Where I won. I did. I won something. I really did: The most important thing about parenting is….. Read More →

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