Hot rabbit & working from home

Am lying in bed with a hot rabbit (not some kind of sex-toy but a rabbit with special beads that heat up when you put it in the microwave so it acts like a kind of hot water bottle). My guts are playing up. I have the start (okay, probably more like the middle or end of the start) of a cold and my stomach is so bloated I, once again, look like I’m pregnant. See previous post where I thought I was pregnant – I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat!

Husband is off to a Saturday class for his MBA tomorrow. Last one apparently. Doesn’t make me feel any less shit for him pissing off for the day and leaving me with the kids. Weekends are hard work enough without it being me on my own without backup. Although I’m still not convinced about him getting there.

I worked from home today. I woke up this morning and all there was was a tiny bit of frost but then around the time I was due to leave, it had started to snow so I texted my colleague to ask what she planned to do as I didn’t want to get there only to have to turn around (for a start its a waste of petrol). She said to check if the boss was online, so i logged on and asked her what we should do and she said to stay home. I was really glad about this. I really didn’t relish going anywhere in snow. Or getting stuck at the office. Or taking 5 hours to drive home as I had to go at 15 miles per hour.

I’m gonna go now because I can barely keep my eyes open. Just wanted to check in and say “Hello Blog”. Sorry I haven’t got anything interesting to say. Only that I’m feeling poorly and tired and a bit hard-done-by.


4 Thoughts on “Hot rabbit & working from home

  1. i hope you feel better soon xx

  2. How was your solo Saturday? Hate weekends on my own being on baby watch, I swear I’m no fun, I just end up getting snappy. Hope you feel better soon, and that your curry is a repayment for bring left on your tod, I usually demand fish & chips!

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

    • LOL. Just writing a blog post now as he’s back and I’m hiding in bedroom while running bath! It was alright really. Making him put kids to bed before going out to fetch curry! I’m on the wine now. Sobre January has gone out the window already!

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