Why I work full time

It is not:

  1. So I don’t have to spend time with my children
  2. It is not because I want to scare my children for life
  3. It is not because I don’t want to spend any time at home or want my kids to spend any time at home

It is because

  1. There were no part time jobs out there when I was made redundant
  2. Part time wages are shit (even if you can find one)
  3. I wanted to actually have a CAREER for a change rather than just a job which is why I moved out of PA work into something involving projects. 

I do not appreciate:

  1. Being told that my house is too messy during the week (yes, its messy as we haven’t got time/inclination/energy to tidy up)
  2. People assuming that just because hubby is home that he is not working and can just clock off early
  3. People criticising my life-choices and trying to make me feel guilty and like I am making my kids suffer!

12 Thoughts on “Why I work full time

  1. grr my pet hate as well. Just rise above it darling xx

  2. I hate being told my house is messy too, it’s not like I even make the bloody mess! If I lived on my own I reckon I’d permanently be tidy, but small children live in a cloud of plastic dropping, chocolate smeared filth. And rightly so, a tidy kid is a weird kid. My Mother once told me off because the inside of my bin was dirty, ffs!

    Unless people are volunteering to come round and tidy up tell them they can stick it! You’ve got enough on!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  3. I hate that woman have to justify both the decision to work, and the decision not to work. And quite often there’s no decision at all, it’s just what you have to do. Screw the housework, and I know it’s not always easy, but screw what other people think too

  4. I work from home and have just finished my first book, a graphic design course and looking after my two and three year old. I spend everyday trying to earn money and be the best/fun mum i can be and keep the house tidy. only because housework seems to be such an issue to the people who offer me no help whatsoever!! grrr totally understand where you’re coming from! x

    • Wow. How do you manage all that? I’m tired just thinking about it. Yeah, housework has never been my top priority. I do it when it occurs to me that it REALLY needs doing (and when I have time). I mopped the kitchen floor today. Go me!!!

  5. I wasn’t a career mum, I didn’t work when my kids were small, and my house was still a mess – even if you spend all day at home with 2 small kids there quite often isn’t time for housework, just get on with your life, and s0d what anyone else thinks xxx

    • You are right, Joy, when I was at home more the house was just as much of a mess, if not more. Its just that the kids do come home and play in the living room and I often can’t find the energy to tidy it up (or make them tidy it up). Part of me just thinks – whats the point. It will only get messed up again tomorrow when they come home!!!

  6. I hate having to justify why we work.. I’ve been a SAHM, did the coffee, shopping etc and now enjoy working {although I wish I had more time to tidy the house!}.

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