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Feeling very tired today. Haven’t written anything earlier to publish now so you just have me, here, at 9.07pm checking in for the day. Hope I have something useful to say.


  • we are not buying a house. Long story short, we decided not to buy the latest one because of lack of internet (hubby works from home) & then today the first house we wanted became available again but we decided against it this time as we are going to be sensible, try to save up and pay down debts (and enjoy having 2 incomes again before we blow it all on a big house move) so that in a year or two when we do decide to look again we can find something that is just right.
  • I am starting with a personal trainer on Saturday. I’m quite scared. He is a body builder type and I think I will hurt after just half an hour with him. But hey, I am going to change my body and health. I will be comfortable, and fit, and confident this year. 
  • We have decided to rehome one of our dogs. This decision has been in the making for a few months but I think we have finally made up our minds. She needs to be with a family that is around a lot more. With me working full time and hubs travelling quite a lot she just doesn’t get enough attention. Toby dog, the little one, is quite easy to find someone to take him for the odd weekend or week (my parents love having him) but Tia is a bit of a handful. I do feel rather bad but I think as long as I’m looking at it as being about what is best for her, not us, then I’m doing the right thing. I really will miss her. I want to find someone local. With kids, Someone that is active and loves going on walks. I’d like to be kept up to date with how she’s getting on. She won’t just be off with the first person that comes along.
  • We are going to have our conservatory replaced. Its going to be bigger and will be a playroom for the kids. 
  • I’m going to study for the Prince2 qualification so I can become a project manager. Have started reading some documents in PDF format that hubby found for me (he has done the course before). 

 I’ve been quite busy the last couple of days. We had a meeting with the person that co-owns our house in Turkey to discuss arrangements with the lady out there that manages it for us. I took notes and drafted an email to the lady after the meeting and am chasing everyone for the actions that need doing. I love all that. 

I’ve also been looking into ways I can promote the blog. I’ve joined BritMums and Tots100 and am trying to chat on there as much as I have time for. Its all a bit daunting though. I’ve subscribed to a load of blogs of people from off there and I think I’m going to go to bed and read some of them in bed.

Have a feeling I’m not going to get round to doing any tidying tonight. Dinner was a bowl of very tasty spicy couscous made by hubby.

Night night.

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  1. Hi

    Now following you. Still new to blogging myself.


  2. Good Luck with your dog!

    Have been following for a little while now, love ur blog 🙂

  3. Great to read such a positive post from you, keep it up xx
    Joy xx

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