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I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of blog I have or what kind I want to have. I have noticed that some people have particular themes on particular days. Like Silent Sunday (find link), or Flashback Friday (a blog post where the author gives us a glimse into her past). Do I want to be as regular as that. I find that if I try to keep myself to a schedule I just don’t keep to it. What I prefer to do is to blog about something if it feels right. I’m fast coming to the conclusion that that is the type of blogger I am (and am happy to be). However, I do like to have a few themes of my own even if there is no set frequency of posts. So here are my ideas:

  • My family (I started with a post about my husband – it would have been so easy to start with the kids but I thought he deserved first place as without him I wouldn’t have them. I really need to get on and continue this series).
  • About me, or my history – I have done a few posts in this vein but I would like to continue to delve back into my history and past (some of it anyway) and my memories. 
  • Blogging for (and from) beginners (could also be named the Blind leading the Blind) – I blogged here about my idea of starting a Mastermind Group and maybe a blog hop to go with it in order to share the hints and tips we learn along the way and maybe get other more seasoned bloggers to chip in with some wisdom of the blogosphere.
  • Stepping back in time – Just an idea I just had of a series of blog posts that could be old facebook notes or journal entries that I wrote. 

Other things I might consider writing about in individual posts as opposed to a series:

  • My depression. Where it started and how its kept me company through the years.
  • I really thought I had more ideas for blog posts. But they all seem to have gone out of my head! How annoying!!!

Going to post this now as this is as far as I got. Started writing on 3rd January.

4 Thoughts on “Ideas for blog posts

  1. Hi I have popped across from Britmums to say Hi!

    I so know where you were coming from when i started at the very beginning i so didnt know where to start. Not sure if its helpful but if its in my head i blog and i have a selective couple of linkys i join that takes very limited time so gives me some focus for the rest of the week without lots of stress. I will pop the links below to the linkys i am taking part in (fun photo fun)

    Hope this helps 🙂

    • Thanks. It does help. I have started doing a few linkies too. I do one called PAPS – Pimp A Post Sunday which is a really nice one to get your favourite blog post of the week some more views. I’ve heard of Silent Sunday and seen a lot of posts from that one. Ranty friday sounds like one I could participate in. lol

  2. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, when you blog about something that feels right, it comes across well.

    I’m one of those who has a varied range of topics, a taboo according to some, but its what I feel most comfortable with.

    The more you blog, the more ideas you will get, keep a notebook handy to scribble ideas, you wont believe the number of great post ideas I’ve forgotten!

    • LOL. Yeah I’ve had some great ideas while driving, on the loo, in the bath (without access to paper or phone). I try to have my phone with me at all times so I can jot stuff down on there. And then sometimes I’m writing and the steam just runs out. I tend to stop then.

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