Post Christmas Blues

I’m feeling a little lost.

Hubby is worried about new house and the feasibility of it – bad internet, no mains gas or sewerage….

I think I am suffering from post christmas blues (as opposed to the pre-christmas stress that I also suffered from – as I do every year).

I just feel like the house is such a tip. I feel like I need to completely reorganise myself. I need a new start, a new me. I need to get fit, detox, eat healthily, teach the kids to tidy up after myself.

I’ve been looking on some organising blogs that I used to follow when I was doing my own organising blogs and I love some of the ideas that I see but I feel like I just lack the motivation to do anything with them. I feel so sluggish and slow. Its so depressing and frustrating because I really am at that point where if my life gets anymore stressful, messy or chaotic I may just explode.

The other day, can’t remember which day it was, Ben took both kids out and I decided that instead of sitting on the sofa watching TV enjoying the time to myself, I would whizz round, making the most of the lack of distracting small children, and tidy up the sitting room – the main area of concern in my house. When hubby came back, shortly followed by a friend of ours, they both mentioned how great it looked. Sadly about an hour later the kids had undone most of my hard work. They couldn’t exactly unsweep and unmop it (so at least it stayed clean-ish) – although I reckon they’d probably give it a go, but they certainly got everything out again and threw all their toys everywhere. I just wanted to sink my head into my hands and cry. I yearn to live a tidy organised existance but I’m just not the type of person who is able/willing to spend every single minute of every single day picking up, wiping, mopping, tidying….. I lose the will to live. Secretly, I want someone to do it all while I’m sleeping, but as that’s unlikely to happen….. Not sure what to do.

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  1. Anonymous on December 30, 2012 at 14:47 said:

    Hi Oh I so know what your going through! It can be so very hard. I’m at the other end my kids son 22 home from uni for Christmas. Daughter 28 and partner that have been living with me for a year! Are about to move out.. again!! OMG I can hardly believe it my house for the very first time will be mine! I can redecorate, keep everything clean and tidy. But it will be quite.. well apart from the ginger dog, ginger cat and 5 chickens. Not much help to you Im afraid, unless you want to take my pets off me? then it will be heaven!!! xxx

  2. I am so sick of my house being a mess, I sometimes think why bother tidying it when the boys will just trash it again!

  3. Oh My God! I feel your pain!! This is also my life you have just written about. I am an organised, motivated person until everything gets undone about 12 times a day by my busy 2 and 3 year olds! I don’t want to be the Mum that nags all the time and obsesses about cleanliness but I also don’t want to live in a tip. My husband works full time and he is a clean freak. He doesn’t understand that when he comes home to a clean house it has taken me all day to keep it like that, if the house is spotless I have missed out on maybe sitting down and writing a blog or my book or just watching my favourite show!
    Whats a girl to do. I am also not willing to spend all my time (and little energy) trying to keep the house spotless, kids will be kids and it won’t last forever. Please let me know what your solution is when you find one. Haha sorry for the essay of a comment, I just totally know how you feel! Love your blog by the way 🙂

    • LOL. Don’t worry about the essay. I love getting comments. The longer the better. hehe. The holidays have just worn me out. My parents are having the kids this afternoon and its gonna be so lovely….

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