Christmas tree is up now

Can I be bothered to blog tonight…. I don’t know if I can or not. I am actually typing this into a new post on Blogger while watching Elementary. I’m going to have an early night tonight. But not too early. Not like 8 or anything.

Felt very disturbed about the school shooting. Why would anyone do something like that? I mean if you have that much rage that you have to go kill someone, go find a room full of lawyers or something (joke). Or maybe a maximum security prison full of other murderers. OK, can see smuggling a gun into a max security prison might not be that easy. Maybe why they chose an elementary school. No, I don’t want to think about it. Not after seeing my 4 year old doing his nativity play at nursery today. The thought of any kind of violence carried out on children (especially little ones – or ones the same ages as my kids) just makes me sick to my stomach.


Joshua got up just as I was getting into my stride just then. So am going to change my tact as he reminded me what Christmas is all about. What life is all about really. Love. Kids. Fun. Love. He got up and wanted to put the Christmas tree up. I had promised him this afternoon that we’d do it when he woke up from the nap. So, we got the Christmas Tree down from the loft, me and daddy that is. Then after putting it together (its a big fake one), once I had spread all the branches out (Joshua refused to do that bit), he helped me decorate it. It looks lovely.

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  1. I was a mess after hearing about the murders of all those children. I cant imagine a day without one of my precious babes. Thankful for this day.

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