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Thinking to myself I should probably do a blog post. Not quite sure how to start. That’s often how I start one though. Don’t know where its going to take me when I start.

Hubs is out getting some shopping. He seems to like that. Going out. Being useful. Being on the move. I myself would rather be in front of the TV with a glass of wine or in the bath. I’m supposed to be walking the dog tonight (obviously I can’t do it while he’s out as the kids are in bed but I might have to if hubby mentions it when he gets home). I suppose it might not be that bad to get out in the fresh air for 10 minutes. Depends if its raining or not of course. If its raining I’m not going to go.

I tried to download an episode of Homelands season 2 that I missed on the sky box but its a zip file and a text file and the text file tells you that to get the password to unzip the zip file to get to the avi (or whatever) file you have to go to a website…. I can’t be bothered with that. Its probably going to be dodgy anyway. If you are going to upload files, at least just make them available to download without having to go through hoops. And before anyone tells me off for downloading illegally, I pay for my sky viewing. Not my fault that there were weather issues/failed to record/clashed with something (ok that WOULD be my fault). Its just the odd episode that I’ve missed. Cos I’m a bit OCD about TV. I can’t miss an episode. I know technically I could figure out where I was and fill in the gaps from the last episode but I DON’T WANT TO MISS ANYTHING!!! Hmmm issues?

Be right back. Going to top up my wine and come back up here to blog.

Am back. Wine filled up. Dog knocked my (plastic) popcorn bowl off the table (obviously to lick the contents) but I don’t really give a crap. Past caring at this point.

So, what’s going on? Oh yeah. Work. Well, I mentioned in my last post I think that my boss had given me a bollocking for skipping out. Well, I was reassured by the HR woman at the agency I work for that yes I could have gone to the wellbeing centre (yes, we have one of those) first and maybe if this happens again, go there, but if I was unwell (be it physical, mental whatever) there is nothing unreasonable about me going home. I saw the HR lady in person today. She was lovely. She seems very understanding and nice. I wanted to impress on her that I really do want to do a good job. Told her my strategy for the next month or so was to:

  1. Do any work that comes in IMMEDIATELY. I had got a little bit lazy with this. My workload has been very low and that does kind of lead to laziness. I know its not an excuse but I guess on Friday I had been a bit lazy and then I came in monday in a foul mood that turned into a rather deep depression/panic mode. I guess being bored is not really good for me at all. Rather have too much to do than not enough. In work anyway. At home I like to do bugger all!!! 
  2. Ask on regular intervals if anyone needs anything doing.
  3. (this was the agency lady’s suggestion) Drop boss an email every now and then (maybe every day) to let her know how my workload is and what I’ve been up to
  4. In a month or so after hopefully proving that I’m coping with my (small) workload fine and am able to do everything in my current task list, I will go to her and ask for more work, more responsibility, something more challenging. 

I also mentioned to this lady that I had considered (given my interest in and love for organising) that I might like to become a project manager (or look into training so that one day I can get there). I asked her about Prince 2 training and asked if she thought it was necessary. She said that its not always necessary and SOMETIMES the company prefers you NOT to have it particularly if, like at this company I currently work for, the company has its own ways of thinking and doing things.

So that was good. I also met up with flirty bossesboss. Just for a coffee and a chat. And I wanted to ask him about the project management thing too. Not too much flirting going on lately. Very mild flirting on chat. But I’m fine with that. To be honest, I have too much going on and if it got too heavy I would back off totally. Cos I love my hubby (particularly if he’s reading this. No really. Love you xxxx). I told hubs about the whole chat flirt thing. He is okay with it. Or seems to be. I usually know when he is pissed off. Its quite easy to tell. Plus I figure if I tell him about it, if he is unhappy with anything I can stop it. Not that there is anything really to stop. It cheers me up sometimes (the flirting) which is nice but I value my husband and my kids much more than to make stupid mistakes. I’m over that stage in my life!!!!

Anyway, dog is barking in the sitting room. You would think she would be happy to be in the sitting room. Better than locked in their cold dog room. Stop bloody barking already!!!! I’m trying to type!!!! Might have to finish this up…. Ooooh I could save it and carry on on hubby’s laptop in front of the TV. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

Yay. Back in the sitting room. Stolen the hubby’s machine and the dog is sat next to me watching Grey’s Anatomy with me.

Silly woggy

Aw. Int she cute. I’m also going all gooey over a lovey dovey moment in Greys. Love it.

So what else is going on? Apart from job shit and the usual I-am-almost-but-not-quite-a-lunatic. Well, we made an offer on another house. I love it. We went to see it yesterday. I had the day off and we went to see it in the afternoon. Lala went to Aunty Ema’s for the day and Joshua was poorly but didnt seem too unhappy about the possibility of going to see our possible next house. In fact he was quite excited. When we got there, we went into the kitchen. Which is AMAZING by the way. Joshua said “I like the kitchen, mummy, its very tidy” (it was empty as there is no-one living there). It has a HUGE sitting room, the master bedroom is massive. It has an ensuite bathroom and also…. DEEP BREATH… it has a dressing room. HYPERVENTILATES….. calm down…. deep breath. A dressing room.

Hubby’s sat next to me now and says that if I blog about it I might jynx it. But I don’t believe that. If its meant to be, its meant to be. Which it probably isn’t. Anyway, we made a silly low offer. They are going to call us back tomorrow and let us know if they accept it or not.

Hubby stolen his laptop back so am back on my iphone. Thought I might finish this post off with some pickies.

Should dogs really sit like this?
See, self, you are pretty! (see last post)
My boy as Joseph in the Nativity
Me in my dress before my xmas party
Celebrating a little bit tonight – celebrating the fact that we are going to buy another house (even if its not this one that we’ve just put an offer in on)

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