My fight with my self esteem – a poem

Dear self,

What is all this commotion
Going on in your head
Why the constant wringing
And questioning instead

Of sitting back, enjoying
The life you’re lucky to have
The letting go of pain and stress
Please don’t feel so sad

But self I don’t know how to
Lord knows I really try
I see the faces of my children
And I laugh instead of cry

I have these fleeting moments
But then darkness creeps back in
Id locked the doors & shut the blinds
Id never invite it in

Self, you just need to be strong
Like the moon the sun and star
Stop beating you up & calling you names
You’re perfect as you are

4 Thoughts on “My fight with my self esteem – a poem

  1. Dear Mum In A Hurry Self,
    I do not really know you
    Though what I do, I really like
    So tell any descending darkness
    To do one and take a hike!

    (And ditto for the last verse of your poem)


  2. A great poem! I love Mojo’s comment too! Stay strong!


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