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Pimp A Post Sunday #PAPS

Hi there. If you don’t know what PAPS is all about its a blog hop started by Super Amazing Mum – check out her post.

I was actually going to put a different post up. One that really relayed my own feelings about the shooting this week in the school in Connecticut. However, I can’t remember where I put that blog. I thought I’d favourited it or starred it on Google Reader…. and in my search for that post that I had really connected with I found another post which I read earlier this week, which made me laugh as I also connected with it but it made me laugh rather than feel sad, and after such awful news I thought maybe other people might appreciate it too.

The post I have chosen is by Just A Normal Mummy and is called 1st Birthday Survival Club. I’m sure anyone who has kids can remember getting to that point. That first year. Read the post. She says it much better than I can in my hungover state!

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  1. that is a BRILLIANT #PAPS! Thank you SO much for linking up, I love this so much xxx

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