Feeling on edge

I’m feeling a little on edge.

Its 4.40pm and I am leaving at 5pm and I can’t be bothered to start anything new. I had a chat with my mum earlier and it turns out my sister is going to be on her own this Christmas so I have invited her over to ours if she wants (she is going to check if hubby is working all day or just the morning). Anyway, at the end of the phonecall I asked her how my dad was doing (my dad is an alcoholic and has been drinking again recently – I did know this as I could tell he had been drinking the last time I saw him – you get to know the signs even if they do not appear drunk to a stranger). She told me that he’s been drinking for 5 days now. So now I’m left with an unsettled feeling. I am used to finding out that he’s been drinking as its been on and off for years. He has a streak of a few months where he’s sober and goes to meetings and then falls off the wagon for a few days. I worry more about my mum and how she is feeling. I feel terrible for having a row with her via text on Saturday night as I realise now that she must have been feeling very lonely and hurt and was probably having a horrible time with my dad. So glad I rang her first thing Sunday to make up. I also worry about my dad’s health. It can’t go on indefinitely. Doing that to your body.

The other thing I’m on edge about is hearing whether we have an offer on our house or not. We had people come for a second viewing on Friday and they did seem VERY interested. They were there for over an hour and asking all sorts of questions. Really seemed like we might be in luck. But have heard nothing all day. If it was us, we’d make an offer right there and then. On the doorstep basically. But guess not everyone is like us! Mores the pity!!!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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