No title as I’m being harrassed to come down so hubby can do brewing

I LOVE how my new blog looks. I might just give up writing posts in favour of staring at the pretty pink and black format all day!!!

Its Saturday morning and I’ve been up with the kids since about 8. They woke up earlier but we’ve managed to get them in the habit of chilling in their room for a while in the morning at the weekends. Plus its nice for all of us to not have to rush out anywhere so nice to make the most of it.

Hubby is taking them out this morning. Have given him a list of things to buy/do. I might have a bath when he’s gone. Or watch TV or write in my blog (although technically that’s what I’m doing now). As well as writing this, or rather in between writing it – and listening to crying kids downstairs (getting them ready to go out is not going so well for hubby it seems) I’m organising my Twitter lists. I have recently added a load of new people (mostly ppl I have been #FF’d with or people who have followed me – only polite to follow them back) but I am kind of anal and I don’t like to not have them in a category. So I am using Twitlistmanager to find all my UNcategorized twitterers and adding them to a New Followers (actually it should probably be new followees) list so that once that’s done I can go through that list (you can’t see uncategorized list on Twitter) and add them to the relevant list.

Great. Have just found out from hubby that he thinks daughter is too poorly and tired to go out with him. Great. Just great. Not that I mind chill time with my girlie but was actually quite looking to a bit of child-free time.

Got him to change a big pooey nappy she’s just done to make up for him not taking her out too. So nurr!!!

Right, am back. Put girl child to bed with milk (with anti-biotics mixed in – she STILL won’t take that stuff off me although our lovely childminder number 2 – who I have to say I absolutely adore and will be so sad when she has her baby – only kidding. I can’t wait to see her little baby but I love her having Lala – I always know she’s so well looked after and entertained and happy – er… what was I saying? Oh yes, childminder gets her to take her yucky yellow medicine no problem! Just not sure what I’m doing wrong).

Back to sorting out my Twitter Lists. These are the ones I’ve set up:

  •  Uncategorized (was called New Followers but as per my comments above, that didn’t really make sense)
  • Favourite People (I previously called this Top Bloggers but changed that as some of them may not actually be bloggers. This is where I will put people I have made a connection with)
  • People I’m following (this was called Bloggers – as most of the people I’m following are mummy-type bloggers)
  • Friends – for people I actually know personally
  • Celebs (obvious really)
  • Blokes (just added this one – for those bloke bloggers or tweeters for when I fancy reading something not by a woman)
  • Organisation (for shops, organisations and people who do nothing but tweet about stuff they’re selling – am keeping them as a) I may be interested when I need something b) its only polite to follow back Twitterers that are following me but I don’t need this in my main newsfeed tbh)
  • Uninteresting – now, don’t get me wrong. I love all you lovely people but while I don’t want to be rude and unfollow you, some people only seem to tweet about offers or competitions or clubbing or stuff like that which I’m not really interested in – sorry 🙁 )
  • Oh and another new one I’ve created – Working Mums. I might create another one called Mummy Bloggers and put all my mummy bloggers in there. Obviously (do you love how I like to state the obvious)

Hubby went out. Lala went to sleep and I ran a bath and lay in the steaming hot water reading @manicmum4 ‘s blog. I had been trying not to race through the entries quickly as I knew that any entry would be the first one after her husband had to go into hospital. You know when you are reading a book and someone has given away the plot and you kind of want to race to find out what happens. I know that sounds horribly callous and I don’t mean it that way but her blog has been for me like reading a book – only I know she’s a real person so in a way it has so much more meaning. The funny bits really do have me chuckling my head off. There was a bit where she said her little girl had put a penny in her front bottom – I was reading this at bedtime while in bed next to my husband and he thought I had gone mad, I had such a sudden laughing fit. I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I have to say I have completely neglected any other blogs I have subscribed to. I’m such an OCD mad person – have to do things in order and when I’m hooked on one thing I hate flicking between other things – for instance, I’ve never understood how people can read 2 or 3 books at once. Anyway, I digress. I was in the bath reading her blog. I got to the first entry where she explains what happened to her husband and what she has been going through in the first few days after his health issue – hard to know what to call it. Not an accident. I have had to force myself to put my phone down and stop reading as hubby and Joshua are back and I needed to write this down. I have been so moved by her story. I lay in the bath reading, with tears rolling down my face. Feeling a little ashamed of my own selfishness that I want hubby to take the kids out so I can have some me time, send my daughter to bed so I can have a bath…. but then we all have our little daily dramas. The important thing I suppose is to occassionally step back, take the time to appreciate what we are lucky enough to have. I have my little things that bug me. Things about my hubby and things he does. I worry too much about the little things – my weight and how I use food to comfort myself rather too much, the house and how (even though I’m too bloody lazy to do it) I still have too high standards and wish it could all be perfect all the time (and it can’t so I just won’t bother at all, cos really, whats the point?). But I know deep down the truth. I have a wonderful husband. My family (although not always understanding me, or me them) are very lovely and caring. My kids are beautiful and precious. I am so amazingly lucky to have had good fortune, decent jobs etc to enable us to love in a pretty amazing house – and to be considering moving to an even MORE amazing house (fingers crossed – but if it doesn’t happen we are still incredibly lucky). And I couldn’t forget to mention my wonderful friends. Especially the ones that tell me that I’ve neglected them and I need to buck up my ideas and be there for them a little better.

Manicmum4: thank you for sharing your journey with me (not just me obviously – with the world). I’m not done yet. I still have 140 posts to read until I’m up to the present day and (darn you) you keep writing more!!! haha. Just kidding.  Honestly, I feel humbled.

Must go as hubby wants to do his brewing stuff.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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