New car

I have a new car. Sooooo exciting. It’s beautiful. In fact it’s a she. I’ve decided to call her Florence. She is bright shiny red. I live that I can plug her into my iphone (the 5 kind – aren’t I groovy!!! – or sad!!!).

I have treated her to a special Jelly Beans air freshener and brand new lip balm tube (for me really) oh and a small box of tissues. And Flo I promise you I won’t let you get messy.

In the theme of pampering, I gave treated myself to some nice Aussie hair stuff and some face wash. I probably won’t have time to have a relaxing bath tonight but tomorrow night definitely.

Writing this on iPhone. Doesn’t seem to be a “save” option so will publish this. Must get home (from gym) to eat dinner.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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