New car. Addendum

OK. Confession time. I didn’t really go to the gym. I actually went to Tesco and wandered around the aisles. I truly am a shopaholic. I did need some toilettries so I was kind of justified being there. And I wanted to treat Flo (my new car Florence) to a couple of things. Its such a nice feeling having a new car – meaning new to you. But wow. Brand new car is F***ING AWESOME (sounding a bit like an american tv show teenager or something). So, hubs more or less told me I was going the gym. OK that’s not fair. I’m supposed to go twice a week and I have been skipping it lately and tonight I knew I SHOULD have gone, but I JUST COULDN’T BE ARSED. I needed something else. So out I popped to the shops. I wandered around aimlessly. Looking at things. I found an ice scraper. Have to have my own. I did have a newish yellow one but my son brought it in from the car one day and I haven’t seen it since. I also bought a new Jelly Bean (never seen those before but they smell GORGEOUS) airfreshener for Flo. And some tissues. and some lip balm. I feel like me and her are now ready to take on the commute to…er almost said the town I work in just then. Oops. Ready to take on the commute to the office. Me and my little bug flo.

Here she is again.

My little flo bug (she told me her right side is her best side)
preddy girl

Jelly bean air freshener
My little lip balm stash
My VERY OWN ice scraper

I also bought myself some lovely hair stuff (Aussie), some nice face wash and bubble bath. I did go a little bit overboard. but I do have the cash in my budget and shampoo and conditioner DOES last me an age as I have very dry hair which doesn’t need washing every day. Oh AND there was an offer on for the Aussie stuff. Bargain!

Mmmmm pampering goodies!

I just feel (have been feeling lately) direly in need of some pampering. I haven’t been making much effort with my clothes or makeup or hair (if any) and I haven’t been moisturising, been going to bed too late. Drinking too much (she says with a glass of wine on the desk next to me) – you can’t beat rome in a day. or something. Anyway, yes, so I bought some stuff. When I got back from the gym (coughs) I went upstairs and put all the evidence away (please don’t read this hubby) and decided to take that very moment to do a bit of there and then pampering. I got out some nice body butter and started moisturizing myself from the feet upwards. Paying particular attention to elbows, ankles and knees. Also removed mascara stains that I still haven’t removed from yesterday (didn’t go to work today so no need to make self look nice). I do love slobbing around and not bothering to get dressed but sometimes I think your self esteem needs to feel loved. I also covered my hair in some of the hair treatment. I know you’re meant to use the shampoo and conditioner first but I figured I could do with a bit of a head start.

On another subject the kids were funny again tonight. Aren’t they always? Yes, probably. Joshua was wandering with drumstick stuck down his trousers. No idea why. He wouldn’t explain. I’m hoping it was something to do with it being a light saber or something and that being where its kept (not sure Luke Skywalker kept it in his pants though) – note to self to rewatch star wars (tried to persuade Josh to watch it with me this weekend as he was so into Starwars Angry Birds but he won’t have anything on telly other than peppa pig or CBeebies.

Just looks like he’s up to something!

 Lala has started insisting on drinking her drink out of a cup instead of a sippy cup or a bottle. I’m so proud and she doesn’t spill it either (much).

Little miss cutiepie

Downstairs again now. On sofa, after dinner of salad and baked potato with cheese. Oh that was the other thing I was going to tell you. I decided to get some Slimfast and today I had one for breakfast and one for lunch. And one of the snack bars. I did have a bit of a slip though when the kids got home. I had two custard cream biscuits and two slices of ciabatta bread with clover on. Then my dinner which I’ve already mentioned.

Run out of steam for tonight I think. Watching the Fear again (2nd episode) and its a bit disturbing. Is interrupting my train of thought.

G’nite all.

Addendum – I just edited the pics and removed my reg number from the photos. Hubby just pointed out that it wasn’t a good idea to have it on them. Hmmm. Hope no-one used it for nasty purposes already!

2 Thoughts on “New car. Addendum

  1. Flo is a nice name for your little Honda! It’s so cute how excited you are about owning her. Of course you’ll want to treat her with a few new things as well! An air freshener was a great thing to give her as a first gift. I hope you and Flo have a long friendship together!


    • She’s a hyundai, not a honda. I’m very annoyed on Flo’s behalf. Only kidding! xxx

      Yeah she deserves it.

      Sadly, she’s in desperate need of a good bath (wash). I had really better get on that soon! Or pay for it to be done.

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