Am back from work. Sitting in my office waiting for very upset girl child to stop crying her little eyes out. Am not giving in though as the only reason she is upset is cos I took the iPod off her as it was bedtime. I made the mistake of letting her play with it IN bed. Biiiiig mistake. Won’t make that mistake again.

Dog is barking her flipping head off again. Can’t let her out in kitchen as she’s already stolen a block of cheese off the counter. Bloody pain in the arse animal.

Right. Am back downstairs again. Had to let dog out as barking was driving me crazy.

Drive home was a nightmare. Not in that it was particularly busy or took longer than usual. But I was late leaving cos I was sorting out details for a lunch we are having with friends the weekend after next. I lost track of time (actually that’s a complete lie, I just wanted to bloody finish what I’d started and half way through what I was doing I’d accidentally shut down the computer. How do you do that you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It was after one of those annoying updates had finished downloading I was trying to reduce clutter on my digital desktop by closing windows and I accidentally clicked ok without reading what I was saying ok to and it turned out I was telling the computer to restart after the latest update. Grrrrr. S I was late leaving and my in laws were dropping the kids off at 6 and my tomtom app was saying I wouldn’t be there until 6.16. Oh and then hubs rang me saying his cash card wasn’t working and could I come via Aldershot so he could use my cash card to get cash out. Arrrggghhhhh. As if driving a majorly busy commute isn’t stressful enough at the best of times.

Am sodding the diet tonight. And ordering takeaway pizza. Hubby is out for the night at a concert and won’t be back till late. And putting the kids to bed makes me crave bad food. Although there is no point ordering it until they are quiet and it seems like the girl might be crying. Be right back.

Yep she was upset. Coughing a lot. Know I should order pizza. Know ill feel fat (more fat).

Ordering pizza. Double jalapeño, double pepperoni. Yay. Roll on feeling wonderful followed by immediately sick and a bit porky. Gonna go now and concentrate on watching last ever episode of house followed by stuffing my face with pizza.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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