I have come out

After weeks of worrying about keeping this blog secret from people who know me, I decided to sod it. And told my close friends on Facebook about the blog (and the facebook page for the blog). Tired of worrying about what people will think about my ramblings. If people who don’t know me at all enjoy reading it then why shouldn’t my friends know about it, maybe even read it if they want. Why am I so worried about being judged. Guess I’ve had my fingers burnt in the past.

Anyway, Am having another coffee watching another House while dog snores on sofa next to me.

4 Thoughts on “I have come out

  1. Good for you to let everybody know about your fab blog, I’m sure they’ll all love it!

  2. You are my inspiration mate! We spend too long caring what other people think, your blog is fab!

  3. It’s an irrational fear that a lot of us encounter when we first start blogging; it’s because writing is such a personal thing – but don’t worry what others think 🙂 You do this because you enjoy blogging, and if your friends are negative about it then…well, they’re not very good friends 🙂 xxx

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