Bliss – me time (or not)

Little girl went to bed and fell asleep within 2 seconds of head hitting pillow.

Husband took boy out to shops after much furore (as that the right word)….

Dammit. Spoke too soon. Girlie just woke up crying. She really isn’t very well. Nasty cough and obviously very under weather. Tucked her up again (in boys end of bed in his – bigger – duvet*) and left door open so she can get through (she can’t manage opening it by herself yet). Hope she will stay asleep. She needs it (and I do as selfishly I need a bit of me/adult TV time – cough, I mean putting washing on and doing housework-time).

* really need to get girl child her own pink (peppa pig probably) big girl duvet.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, boy child made (as per bloody usual) a huge fuss about getting out of PJs (“want to go in jimjams mummy”), getting into new clothes, didn’t want to wear jumper I chose (“want one with zip mummy”) blah blah blah – oh and then had the plastic yellow gas key in his mouth, blowing it like a whistle, while jumping around like an adolescent kangaroo which I was trying to get him dressed. He’s 4 now. Why he can’t dress himself I don’t know. Probably cos he’s a little git. Anyway, he spat the bloody thing (wasn’t actually bloody – just yellow and plastic) then as I’m trying to get his pants on he spits it out in my face – hits my eye. Thankfully I managed to close it so no damage but it did hurt! This made me lose it and shout at him and shout for hubby to come down and bloody help! My fuse is short when I see an escape from child-dom near but due to fussing and messing about, that escape just starts to look further and further away and eats into the time other child is likely to sleep for. Anyway, must enjoy it while it lasts.

Will drink my tea and watch some house before I run around for a bit doing some housework so hubby doesn’t think I’ve sat on my bum watching TV the whole time he’s been out!

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  1. enjoy your me time, I know I am 🙂

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