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As I’ve already said. Totally engrossed in the blog Anecdotes of a Manic Mum and I’m loving her style and as I’m a little bit of a copy cat – well, actually I like to think that I’m open to ideas of improvement – I thought I might do a blog post about my day today. Have just put the kids back to bed for the umpteenth time and my cheese and onion pie and chips are in the oven. I can still hear the kids running around upstairs but have got to the point of just ignoring them unless they are actually downstairs in my face. If that happens I will probably resort to shouting loudly. Hubs has gone to the gym. Which means I’m free to watch as much crap TV as I like, at least until he comes home.

So the drive in this morning wasn’t so bad. I drove the kids to their places this morning. I was going to get hubby to do it but he said he needed to walk the dog and do more housework in time for viewing this afternoon (only just put house on market and already have a viewing – quite impressed and hopeful). I left the house at 7.30am and managed to get on the road to work before 8am which means that I was actually early for a change.

Just had to take a break from writing this to put kids back in bed again. Daughter had done a poo so had to change her nappy and son was insisting on being a rabbit (wearing my girl’s pink furry dressing gown with rabbit ears) even though its steaming in their room as the heating has been on all day and he has a slight temperature as he’s got a bit of a cold. Girl child refused to get back into bed so just left her and shut the door. 

Back to journey. Got into work with time. However, no work to do so spent the morning reading Manic Mum blogs. Took break from that to do some work for flirty bosses boss. Uneventful day really. Left even before 5pm as colleague J was as busy as me (ie not at all) and she decided we should leave early.

Got to daughter’s childminders just before 6 then went to pick up boy child at my parents house.

Kids still running round upstairs like baby elephants. Sod them. 

Just put kids to bed for 400th time. Son wanted toilet and insisted on staying on loo for 15 minutes so left him to it. Then he came down to get me to put him back to bed. Thanks son. Am sweating my arse off from going up and down those stairs and am stressed and now got tummy ache from scoffing my pie and chips too quickly. Oh and while I was tucking son in, daughter decided it was the right time to show me her feet. “Feet, mummy, feet” (rolling on her back grabbing her feet). Very cute but WHY AREN’T YOU ASLEEP!!! 

Anyway, back to my day. Picked up son from parents house. Had to go in to see all work son had put into decorating their xmas tree. Son now insisting on putting our tree up as soon as possible – I managed to placate him by saying we’d do it at the weekend – he seemed confused about why I was saying we should go out and buy one together (“but why mummy when we have one in the loft”)….

Great. Child is crying again. Think is girl child. Off I go again…. or might just wait and see if it stops. They must go to sleep EVENTUALLY? Have visions of them still jumping around their room at 1am…. OK crying seems to have stopped or at least quietenned enough that I can ignore it (#terriblemother). 

Back to xmas tree. Problem is if we do sell our house quickly (which we probably won’t but if we do…) we may have to move before Christmas which means no point putting tree up. We could probably do a small tree…

Child 1 (boy) still awake and making his way slowly down the stairs. Am thinking of hiding behind the sofa. Watching hubby’s location on Apple Find My Friends app. Hurry up hubster! 

Run out of steam on recounting day now. Wasn’t that interesting. Drove, pretended to work a bit, surfed net, drove, herded kids upstairs (using husband as human shield). Decided I’m going to work from home (use sick son as excuse – he’s not really that sick that he can’t go to granny’s and I don’t have enough petrol to get to work (Friday is payday).

Put kids to bed for 6000th time. Both insisting on going in top bunk and getting 7 or 8 kisses each. I’m done!!!!!

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  1. All I can say is ‘oh the joys…’ !!

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