Still figuring out this blog thing

I have done a blog before but I only did that one for about a year and I kind of ran out of steam as I started a new job and so my subject matter changed. Also I wanted to move away from being “me”. Not cos I want to pretend to be someone else but because I wanted the freedom to be able to talk about things without people I know or work with judging me differently.

Anyway, so I’ve created my new blog on here and I much prefer how it looks and I used Blogger for my last blog so I have a bit more experience using this website. Plus Tumblr really wasn’t very versatile that I could see. So bear with me while I get a handle on this road that is blogging. I am trying to tidy things up slowly. I have created a Facebook page and have linked up my tweets and blog posts to go to there too. I have found some cool buttons to add to the blog (follow me/like my page type buttons) but I am not sure how to make them go side by side. I guess I’d need to do some HTML code but while I do have some understanding of how that works I wouldn’t know where to start.

If anyone wants to help me feel free to make a comment/post on my FB or Twitter page.

Thanks a lot. PS, links to FB and Twitter below:


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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