A bit about me and stuff

A bit about me
Excuse me if I don’t get my words out today. I have a frigging SPLITTING headache. 
I thought I might get this blog thingy rolling by putting some words together about me, ed who I am, seek what my life is like blah blah blah
Me now
I’m 35 years old mum of 2 kids (girl, check 2 and boy, 4). Wife to one husband. Got 2 dogs, a snake, a rabbit and 6 chickens. Hubby works from home most of the time and travels quite a lot (although is on a break from that now at least until after xmas). I recently started working full time after being made redundant from my previous company. I’m loving the new job and the full time pay (although only received the first two weeks so far) but I’m finding the commute (gone from a 5 minute commute to at least an hour – and thats if I don’t have to drop the kids off at various places first which I usually do). 
I grew up kind of around the world as my dad worked in the oil industry. While this was good in many ways, it kind of left me feeling like I didn’t have a base to call home. So therefore I’ve never really wanted to live in different countries. Travelling? No problem, but not living abroad. And not “dragging” my kids around the world with me. Not that I’m saying it was terrible but you really did have to learn to make friends easily. Guess it made me who I am today. 
I moved to England with my mum and sister when I was about 16-17. My father continued to work abroad until quite a few years later until he retired and developed (or rather it became apparent that he had developed) a problem with alcoholism. I went to college in the town in Surrey where we had moved to and that’s where I met my husband. I quit college to work for a couple of years and then went to university when I was living with my then boyfriend/fiance. We married in my 2nd year at uni. That was 13.5 years ago. Man time flies. 
We were quite late (apparently in everyone elses opinions) at getting on the having babies train, but I’m glad it worked out that way. Wouldn’t have hurt if we’d have got on with it a year or two earlier. Might have avoided a few marital hiccups along the way. But they do say what doesn’t kill you (or your marriage) makes you (or it) stronger!??
Back to now

So now we have two beautiful babies. I’m back in work full time (which I never thought I’d do – never thought I wanted to). I hated my last job. There was something about the building, the company that never quite felt right to me. I thought it was because deep down I wasn’t meant to work in a 9-5 job, stuck inside in an office. But actually I’m loving my job. I’m stuck in front of spreadsheets all day. And I’m in heaven. I’ve made friends already and I have to say for once in pretty much the whole of my working life, I’m happy. 
My husband and I are looking at moving – probably not straight away but in the next couple of years so are looking occasionally at nice big houses with no adjoining neighbours and in slightly more rural settings. 
Life is busy and a bit stressful and its really hard to get my bum to the gym twice a week when all I want to do when I get home is veg on the sofa and watch TV or have a bath and go to bed. But I’ll keep on going as its worth it. Its all good! 
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