Reasons to be cheerful

Inspired by a blog I found via Twitter, discount, see I thought I would write my own version of her blog post:

Reasons to be cheerful

  1. I have a great job (even if the commute is a bugger) which I’m loving at the moment
  2. I have two beautiful children who don’t seem too traumatised by me going back to work full time
  3. I’m getting a new car soon
  4. I have an iPhone 5
  5. We’re quite well off (with me going back to work full time, buy money is not nearly as tight as it was – although I could always manage it better)
  6. A family member who had a breast cancer scare has been cleared. Yay!
  7. I have some wonderful friends
  8. I’m happy
That’s all for now. But I think its enough.

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